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ACC cuts would result in people with workplace hearing loss not getting treatment for their injuries, Age Concern says.

ACC is proposing changes in which they would no longer cover the full cost of a hearing aid needed by someone who has lost their hearing because of exposure to noise.

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"Increased ACC costs for hearing loss reflect increasing need, and reducing the service provided is not the right response," national president Liz Baxendine says

The concerns echo those of ACC Futures Coalition member the New Zealand Audiological Society.

"The Government is targeting the old and vulnerable with another round of rushed and ruthless ACC cuts that will hurt tens of thousands of New Zealanders who rely on ACC for their hearing aids," Society president Lesley Hindmarsh says.

“Workers in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s are now paying the price of poor noise management practices in the workplace. Through no fault of their own these New Zealanders were subject to noisy and unsafe workplaces – the ACC no fault comprehensive cover recognised that."

“The Government’s ruthlessness towards people with noise induced hearing loss knows no bounds – these rushed changes come on top of cuts to ACC cover for people with less than 6 percent hearing loss which take effect on 1 July,” says Mrs Hindmarsh.

Concern over hearing changes

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