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Sick note proposal has similar ring - to ACC motorcycle charges


Helen Kelly, from ACC Futures Coalition member the Council of Trade Unions, says that the current proposals allowing employers to require a medical certificate for one day off sick may not have been genuine - and has likened it to the government's approach on ACC levies for motorcyclists.

Helen Kelly, CTU presidentShe said the proposal was so unworkable that it is probable the Government has thrown it into a package of very real and serious reductions in work rights so that it can withdraw it and look moderate later.

Helen Kelly said there were parallels with the ACC motorcycle levy, which was initially hiked to a punitive level before a smaller increase was implemented following protests.

“John Key has developed a political tactic of announcing policy changes which often include a real clanger, such as this sick leave requirement, to give him room to move later and look like the reasonable politician," she said.

Read more in today's Otago Daily Times story.

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