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Privatisation behind ACC changes - union


Newstalk ZB: Privatisation behind ACC changes - union

15/07/2010 6:32:01

Unions are warning that workers will be bullied into not seeking treatment for accidents, if the Government introduces a rating system for employers' Accident Compensation Corporation levies.

Under the proposal, employers can qualify for a cut of up to 50 percent in their ACC levy if they have a good safety record. A bad record could see companies paying more.

However, Helen Kelly, president of the Council of Trade Unions, says the changes will lead to employers trying to cover up accidents. She says it provides a great incentive for businesses to either say an accident did not happen at work and shift it to the non-work account or to tell employees not to go to the doctor.

Ms Kelly believes it is also a move towards privatisation.

"There's no link between this levy and the reduction of accidents. We've seen that when it's been introduced before. This is about getting this account ready for privatisation."

Ms Kelly says the rating system will provide insurers a means of calculating risk.

Source: Newstalk ZB.

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