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ACC stocktake report out next week


It appears the ACC stocktake report is finally about to come out. 

Colin James' column in today’s Dominion Post is primarily about Nick Smith in his capacity as climate change minister.

But James also alludes to a big announcement from Nick Smith next week in his role as ACC Minister.  The relevant sentence reads:

"Risk is what makes Nick Smith's job one of the Cabinet's biggest. (He also has ACC, on which a big announcement is due next week.)”

Nick Smith has been sitting on the report for some months now. 

The NBR reported that the stocktake was delivered to the Minister as planned in late June this year, after he set up the review in August of last year.

The stocktake committee, chaired by David Caygill, was giving advice to the government on the performance of the scheme. 

Initially it wasn't planning to look into opening up the work account to competition/privatisation, but Cabinet Papers reveal that the stocktake process was amended at the request of the Act Party to include a consideration of privatisation.

The ACC Futures Coalition will keep a close eye on progress. 

In the meantime, sign up today, to make sure you receive updates from us as the campaign continues.

And read a bit more about our views on keeping ACC in public hands here.

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