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Hazel Armstrong

Implications of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

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Professor Jane Kelsey has produced a briefing on the implications of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (a free trade agreement involving a number of Pacific and Asian countries, including the United States) for our public health system). Keep Reading

ACC Futures

ACC stocktake report out next week

It appears the ACC stocktake report is finally about to come out, according to Colin James' column in today’s Dominion Post. Keep Reading


Psychotherapists welcome changes for survivors of sexual abuse

ACC Futures Coalition member the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists has welcomed the Independent Review Panel´s report into the ACC´s failed new clinical pathway. Keep Reading

Hazel Armstrong

More private sector involvement into ACC

The National government is introducing more private sector involvement into ACC, writes ACC Futures Coalition spokesperson Hazel Armstrong Keep Reading

ACC Futures

Sick note proposal has similar ring - to ACC motorcycle charges

ACC Futures Coalition member the CTU says the current employment law proposals regarding medical certificates may not be genuine - and has likened it to the government's approach on ACC levies for motorcyclists Keep Reading


ACC needs more staff a year after shedding 70 jobs

ACC has admitted it will need more staff to cope with levy changes, just a year after announcing up to 70 jobs were being shed. Changes announced yesterday will see workplaces with good safety records rewarded with a big drop in levies and workplaces with Keep Reading


Privatisation behind ACC changes - union

Unions are warning that workers will be bullied into not seeking treatment for accidents, if the Government introduces a rating system for employers' Accident Compensation Corporation levies. Under the proposal, employers can qualify for a cut of up to 50 Keep Reading


Maori health workers against sensitive claims pathways

The concerns of Maori health workers who are against the changes to ACC's sensitive claims pathways have been heard by an independent review committee. Keep Reading

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