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About the ACC Futures Coalition

The ACC Futures Coalition is a group of health providers, lawyers, ACC consumers, academics and unions campaigning to maintain and improve ACC and keep it publicly owned.

We were set up in 2009 after attacks of the scheme and signals from the government to privatise various ACC accounts and open these to competition. Since then decisions taken by the government have undermined the integrity of the scheme by limiting entitlements and access to entitlements, and moving long term claimants off the scheme, often before they are ready. We have therefore reviewed our aim which is now:

"To build cross-party support for retaining the status of ACC as a publicly-owned single provider committed to the ‘Woodhouse Principles’, and a 'no fault' compensation social insurance system for all New Zealanders. Our commitment is to have an ACC scheme that has integrity and the trust of the public of New Zealand, and is focussed on injury prevention, treatment, complete rehabilitation  and compensation for  the injured claimant."

Members of the Coalition are:

ACC Group

Acclaim Otago (Inc)

Advice and Advocacy Ltd 

Aviation & Marine Engineers Association

College of Nurses Aotearoa

DPA (NZ) Inc.

Equity Support Group

Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union

First Union

Flight Attendants and Related Services Association

Helen White, Lawyer

Maritime Union

National Foundation for the Deaf

NZ Association of Occupational Therapists

NZ Association of Counsellors

NZ Association of Psychotherapists

NZ Audiological Society

NZ Council of Trade Unions

NZ Dairy Workers Union

NZ Dental Therapists’ Association

NZ Nurses Organisation

NZ Recreation Association

NZ Register of Acupuncturists

Osteopathic Society of NZ

Peter Sara, ACC Lawyer

Podiatry NZ

Public Service Association;

Rail and Maritime Transport Union

Service and Food Workers Union Nga Ringa Tota Inc

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